Graypes "GURU": mentoring with purpose

This service encourages and educates anyone on how to transform his innovative vision into a profitable business.

Graypes GURU engine, can provide suggestions on courses for improvement on specific topics and areas that an innovator might need in order to have a more realistic approach of his idea implementation.

GURU, originating from Graypes University and Resources Utility, is a proprietary AI engine, that coupled with EPIC provides targeted courses on real and pragmatic business fields.

How "GURU" Works

Every time a Business Idea is evaluated by the Graypes EPIC module, GURU is engaged; for those ideas rated below the success threshold, GURU provides links to educational resources, helping the idea's creator to improve the weak parts of his business concept.

GURU identifies the set of courses that can be the more educational and assistive to an innovator that his idea has performed below the success threshold on EPIC evaluation.

For example, consider that your idea has a low rating primarily due to poor market and market size identification of your business. GURU, based on this evaluation can suggest a set of courses that will help you improve your market size identification and have a more pragmatic approach to your idea implementation.

GURU engine along with our backoffice team is working on bringing you the state of the art mentoring courses in topics like:

[ + ] Creating and Developing a Startup
[ + ] Startup Entrepreneurship
[ + ] From Idea to Startup
[ + ] How to Pitch with Impact
[ + ] The Art of writing a Business Plan
[ + ] How to Bootstrap
[ + ] Building High-Performing Teams
[ + ] Valuation and Financial Analysis for Startups
[ + ] How to identify your business market and opportunities
and many more...

Graypes "GURU" Affiliations

GURU engine is coupled with top online courses providers, and brings you high-quality education material to improve your business acumen and entrepreneurial practices.


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