User acceptance principles

At Graypes we value each and every user of our platform and we are dedicated to providing the best quality of our services.

We also want to build a community around the global innovation ecosystem, based on trust, collaboration and freedom.

In order to apply our Graypes community values, we established the user acceptance principles in order to keep Graypes services at a great level.

[1]. Graypes users belong to the innovation and business community

Every Graypes user belongs to one of the four (4) categories of users, namely: Innovators, Researchers, Consultants, and Investors.

[2]. Graypes users are real

Graypes does not accept identity falsification or "virtual" accounts. Graypes is a platform with great services, supported by real people sharing the common vision for a better world.

[3]. Graypes evaluates every user during the registartion process

In order to satisfy the above principles [1], [2], we have developed proprietary algorithms that verify and validate the user from just the provided Name, email and LinkedIn profile.

More specifically, every user following the registration process, is rated by our algorthms in a 0-10 scale according to the:

  ● automated verification of the users's physical existence
  ● automated validation of the user's identity
  ● automated evaluation of the user's professional background

Only users passing the rating threshold become members of the Graypes community.

[4]. Extra evaluation level for Consultants and Investors

For users identified as Consultants or Investors, Graypes applies a multi-level evaluation process that guarantees to the grapes community the reliability and added value of the new members.

This multi-level evaluation process includes at some stage, at least one personal interview with a Graypes team member.

After the successful evaluation of the new member, she is registered and receives the initial rating into the Graypes community.

Simple Steps

Graypes registration process, is a simple, three steps user experience, after clicking on Try it for FREE:

[1]. User Role Registration

The user specifies through an intuitive drop-down set, his role, and country of residence:

[2]. User Identification

The user types the minimum of his identification data, Name and Email, while the LinkedIn profile, although is highly recommended, it is optional.

Notice that we ask for your mobile number in order to guarantee the instant and qualitative nature of our communication. We received requests from a lot of users, especially coming from the new generations (Y and Z) about an improved experience using mobiles and not the "old-fashioned" email.

[3]. Graypes acknowledge

Graypes registration engine acknowledges receipt of the provided data:

In a few hours the user will receive into his inbox the Graypes evaluation rating according to the data he provided and the Graypes user acceptance principles.


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