Graypes "IRIS": search with meaning

Graypes IRIS search engine, answers to business and innovation related questions, with a textual layout similar to a business plan.

IRIS, originating from Information Retrieval on Innovation Search, is a proprietary search engine based on a proprietary NLP and content rating algorithm.

Your queries on innovation or business topics produce a document with a business plan and market analysis layout.

Not a list of web pages, but a complete and well-structured document similar to a business plan and a market analysis.

"IRIS" is continuously improving and calibrating, aiming to become the de facto search engine for researches, innovators and entrepreneurs.

How "IRIS" Works

Over the last years, Graypes GmbH has established a versatile search tool for businesses by retrieving and presenting knowledge and information! Based on a set of proprietary Natural Language Processing (NLP) and content rating algorithms, this engine can read your query, search on a variety of technology repositories, rate their content and provide you an answer similar to a business plan structure.

Recently we introduced a major update including Generative Pre-trained Transformer 3 (GPT-3), the autoregressive language model that uses deep learning, generating human-like text. Our model is based on the GPT-n series created by OpenAI (the pioneering San Francisco-based artificial intelligence research laboratory) following the latest technological improvements in NLP systems of pre-trained language representations.

This AI-powered service, under our code name IRIS (Information Retrieval on Innovation Search), offers powerful copywriting tools for businesses and a versatile search engine providing results similar to a business plan structure.

Graypes IRIS search engine, is based on a proprietary NLP (Natural Language Processing) and content rating algorithm.

IRIS searches only business and innovation related queries, being able to identify the content category of the query.

IRIS logic is partitioned into the next sections:

[1]. Indexing content into the next databases:
  ● proprietary technical documents repository with information on:
    ○ Information and Computer Technology
    ○ Energy
    ○ Biomedicine
  ● purchased technical documents repository with information on the above sectors

[2]. Query Search in the next pools:
  ● the entire web
  ● Graypes proprietary technical repository
  ● purchased technical repository

[3]. Page Rating according to the query search results.

[4]. Paragraph Rating according to the Page Rating results.

[5]. Paragraph Merging of the contextual related paragrpahs.


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