Social Responsibility and Awareness

Last modified: February 21, 2020

Building a Better World

graypes encourages the evaluation and funding of ideas that create a better word with social responsibility, open societies and clean environment.

graypes will not encourage ideas, proposals or initiatives of any kind that support, promote or facilitate:

[ x ] the development of human destruction weapons,
[ x ] the environmental pollution of our planet
[ x ] the direct or indirect exploitation or slavery of humans

Building an Open Society

graypes provides an open social platform without barriers on the communication of innovators, consultants and investors.

Helping Youth

graypes evaluation and funding services, encourage primarily young innovators and entrepreneurs to pursue their innovative dream, turn their idea into reality and create a better world.

graypes knowledge hub platform:

[ + ] creates comprehensive business analysis report to school and university students,
[ + ] helps young innovators and entrepreneurs to focus in their idea’s ecosystem,
[ + ] provides self-assessment of the feasibility, technological innovation and business model of ideas, before spending resources and time in prototyping

Aiming on Great Values

graypes University and Mentoring aims on educating people around the globe towards freedom, innovation, solidarity, sharing, dreaming for a better word and pursuing happiness through creativity and partnership.


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