Last modified: February 21, 2020


Innovators:Individuals or Entities that introduce something new; make changes in anything established; bring new ideas, technologies, methods or models! Innovators include, without limitation, the next categories: Alternative Thinkers with Innovative Ideas; Ambitious Startups; Vigorous Entrepreneurs; Small or Medium Innovative Companies; Big Corporations with Research and Development Departments.

Researchers:Individuals or Entities that carry out academic or scientific research. Researchers include, without limitation, the next categories: Universities; Research and Development Institutes; Schools; Students; Professors and Teachers.

Consultants:Individuals or Entities that give professional advice or services at a high level of experience and expertise! Consultants include, without limitation, the next categories: Business Developers; Company Consultants; Technology Experts.

Investors:Individuals or Entities that commit capital with the expectation of financial returns. Investors include, without limited at, the next categories: Private and Family Funds; Venture Capitals; Angel Investors; Public Funds Managers.

Intellectual Property

Ideas, business proposals, scientific or technological innovation, submitted into the graypes service, belongs to the submitter, innovator or researcher that is the sole owner of the Intellectual Property of the submitted material.

graypes has no property, business or monetization rights over the material submitted by the innovator or researcher.

Confidentiality and Privacy

Information provided by innovators and researchers regarding proprietary ideas, business proposals, scientific or technological innovation is considered strictly confidential unless accordingly specified by the user and according to the graypes visibility settings. The users registering under the "INVESTOR" category, during the Try it for FREE process, acknowledge the business idea ownership by the innovator and cannot disclosure, replicate or take commercial advantage of the idea without the written acceptance by the idea owner. Usage of this service should be compliant with the Investor Partnership agreement as presented here.

Users Data and Cookies

We value our users' privacy and we respect their data stored on our servers. graypes will never distribute our users' data to third party companies. graypes DOES NOT use cookies to improve our services or provide tailored ads. We believe that it is far more preferable a small delay of a few seconds during our service start, than to compromise our values regarding our users' privacy!


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