Graypes "GIFT": global news with content

Graypes GIFT is the most globally updated news aggregator on innovation, science and funding.

GIFT, originating from GGraypes Information Feed Ttrail, brings to one place, the latest news from top technology, science and business resources.

Custom filters allow to narrow-down the information view per technology sector, business area, topic or language.

"GIFT"is a useful companion for students, entrepreneurs, innovators, scientists and many more.

How "GIFT" Works

Graypes GIFT is based on a smart news feed aggregation and filtering engine.

News from pre-selected RSS feeds, is provided to GIFT engine that consequently defines the topic, technology area, language and business sector of each news feed.

GIFT provides the results through an intuitive and clear interface experience, so the user can easily navigate and read the news.

GIFT also brings to each user a custom filter selection, as per topic, language or technology sector, so the information is customized according to the user needs.


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