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Graypes addresses the global innovation community of
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Inventors, Startups, Entrepreneurs, Innovative Companies


University Students, R&D Institutes, Universities, Schools


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Answers to everyone

As an innovator you might be wondering:
"is my business, fundable"? "how to develop B2B"? "how to get funds"?

As a business consultant you might be questioning:
"where to create top strategy plans and get a high revenue"?

As an investor you might be asking:
"how to reach creative teams with top business"?
"how to get a quantitative score on a business?"

Graypes provides the solutions through unique services.

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1. Pre-Money Valuation

How much your startup is worth before the investment from investors flows in?

Ιn Graypes we have developed a methodology that creates a valuation report for your startup in 24 hours.

Graypes brings to the startups' community, a simple, complete, and affordable Pre-Money Valuation. It is based on a composite set of sophisticated methodologies to come up with a realistic valuation.

Read the Knowledge section for more details on Graypes Pre-Money Valuation.

2. Funding using AI

Graypes funds businesses by evaluating them, transforming the top businesses to strategy plan, and linking them with the best matching investment sources.

And it does using Artificial Intelligence.

Graypes module "EPIC" is the automated mechanism, based on a set of proprietary algorithms, that reads a business description and Rates it.

The Rate value indicates the innovation, realism, and fundability level of the particular business.

Graypes uses machine learning and Natural Language Processing (NLP) to drastically reduce the time and cost of a business evaluation.

Read the Knowledge section for more details on Graypes "EPIC" funding module.

3. Complex Products

We specify and develop high-complexity software systems, based primarily on big data analysis and AI.

Graypes GmbH offers state-of-the-art product development services, for complex software products. We use our core competence and technological know-how to build systems primarily based on big data analysis and AI modeling.

Those complex systems are related to a variety of market sectors, from e-commerce to medicine and from energy to finance, helping clients to make the right strategic business decisions.

Read the Draft Presentation for more details on Graypes GmbH's Complex Product Development services.

4. Strategic Advisory

Graypes provides unique online or on site consulting courses.

This service encourages and educates anyone on how to transform his innovative vision into a profitable business, considering various parameters like market conditions, product fit, or team dynamics.

Every time a Business is evaluated by the Graypes "EPIC" module, the Graypes University engine, named "GURU" is engaged; for those businesses rated below the success threshold, "GURU" provides customized educational consulting courses, helping the business's creator to improve the challenging parts of the business concept.

Our team is working on bringing you the state of the art mentoring courses in topics like:

+ From your Idea to your Startup
+ Building and Growing your Startup
+ How to Bootstrap
+ Writing a Strategy Plan in simple steps
+ The Art of Pitching
+ How to identify your business market
and many more...

Moreover, in close relation to top online course providers, Graypes brings you high-quality education material to improve your business acumen and entrepreneurial practices.

Read the Knowledge section for more details on Graypes "GURU" Mentoring and Education Resources engine.

5. Networking

Business and Community building among the global innovation players:

Entrepreneurs, Startups, Innovative Companies, Universities, Business Consultants, Investors.

Graypes brings for the first time, the greatest open social and business network without any restriction: unlimited peer to peer connection for all members without "friend requests", "connect messages" or "lnMail".

Read the Knowledge section for more details on Graypes "GENE" networking module.

6. Knowledge Aggregator

Graypes brings to the global innovation scene, a new way of retrieving and presenting knowledge and information!

From your questions, to business answers, not dozens of web pages.

In one place, the latest news from top technology, science and business resources.

Based on a set of proprietary NLP, GPT-3 and content rating algorithms, the engine named IRIS can read your query, search technology repositories, rate their content and provide you results similar to a business plan structure.

Moreover, our second engine named "GIFT" brings to one place, the latest news from top technology, science and business resources.Custom filters allow to narrow-down the information view per technology sector, business area, topic or language.

Read the IRIS Knowledge section for more details on Graypes "IRIS" search engine, and the GIFT Knowledge section for more details on Graypes "GIFT" news aggregator engine.

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Graypes builds synergies with the global community of
investors, consultants, entrepreneurs!


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Randy Adams

C-Level Solutions, Managing Partner

I have been working with Federico and many of the companies that Graypes has reviewed. Graypes is an excellent way to identify companies that will be successful in the marketplace. I have participated as an advisor for some of these companies and hold them in high regard, introducing them also to the top investors in Silicon Valley. Graypes is changing the way we view and evaluate startups, making it a much more scientific process, and thereby reducing the risk for investors.

United States of America

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